About Continued Care Administrators

We are a premier COBRA compliance service firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, providing COBRA solutions for small, medium and large organizations throughout the United States.  Our specialized software allows us to accommodate any number of plans and premiums in every state. 

Why choose our service, versus another?  That is a wonderful question…

To begin, we have been in business for over 20 years administering Federal COBRA. Our clients appreciate that we know each and every one of them, and they deal with the same individuals all the time. We know your account and your needs. When you contact our office you do not go through a series of voice prompts to get a particular person... We have dedicated individuals answering the line and assisting you accordingly. 

Overall, COBRA law can be complicated and stressful, so we work to relieve you of its anxieties. No company should be tied up dealing with federal healthcare legislation. Our specialists work directly with your participants. In fact, we encourage our accounts to direct all employee COBRA questions to us, in an effort to alleviate any liability. Quite simply, we allow you to focus on your company’s core business, instead of worrying about your COBRA responsibilities.